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Flyers prospect report: Gang’s all here

Prospect time!

Heather Barry / SB Nation

Welcome to BSH’s weekly prospect update, where we will be serving up stats and insight on what our homegrown players have been up to. This will include prospects in Canadian Juniors (BCHL, OHL, QMJHL & WHL), Europe (SHL, KHL), and NCAA college hockey. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Prospects playing in the AHL

Mason Millman (LHD), Lehigh Valley Phantoms (AHL)

2019 4th Round Pick, 103rd overall

  • 4/28 - 2 PIM
  • 5/1 - did not play
  • 5/2 - did not play

Millman only got into one game this week, and it was a pretty quiet one for him. Not much going on the scoresheet, but it was a steady enough game for him, not much we can complain about.

David Kase (LW), Lehigh Valley Phantoms (AHL)

2015 5th Round Pick, 128th overall

  • 4/28 - did not play
  • 5/1 - did not play
  • 5/2 - did not play

Kase remains out with injury.

Egor Zamula (LHD), Lehigh Valley Phantoms (AHL)


After spending a couple of games up with the Flyers, Zamula was sent back to the Phantoms for their weekend games, and all in all, he was solid. Not a ton of flash, but just fit right back into the mix easily, bringing both a bit of extra steady defensive play with some strong passing mixed in. Good stuff!

Linus Hogberg (LHD), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2016 5th Round Pick, 139th overall

Hogberg finally got back into the lineup for the first time since the Phantoms’ COVID shutdown, and it was a fine enough pair of games for him. Nothing to speak of on the scoresheet, but he looked solid enough, getting back into the mix after the long break. He wasn’t the most noticeable, but that’s probably not the worst thing.

Wyatte Wylie (RHD), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2018 5th Round Pick, 127th overall

  • 4/28 - 4 SOG
  • 5/1 - did not play
  • 5/2 - did not play

Wylie got a call-up to the Flyers’ taxi squad this weekend, so he only got in for the one game with the Phantoms this week, but it was a pretty good one. He was held off the board, but his offense did pop some, as he picked up a team-high four shots on goal.

Zayde Wisdom (C), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2020 4th Round Pick, 94th overall

Wisdom also finally made it back into the lineup this week as well, and he had a fine enough three games. He picked up an assist and had a couple of really nice chances, and looked good as he worked to get back up to game speed.

Pascal Laberge (C), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2016 2nd Round Pick, 36th overall

Laberge had a quieter week this time around, but it wasn’t a poor pair of games. He wasn’t able to cash in on any of them, but he created some really nice chances for himself. With more or less a full compliment of players available on Sunday, he was out of the lineup, but it did look like he was building up some momentum there.

Felix Sandstrom (G), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2015 3rd Round Pick, 70th overall

  • 4/28 - 2 GA, 32 saves, .941 SV%
  • 5/1 - did not play
  • 5/2 - 1 GA, 40 saves, .976 SV%

It hasn’t been the smoothest of seasons for Sandstrom, to be sure, but he had himself a really solid week, here. He saw a lot of shots in his two starts, and even if he wasn’t rewarded for those showings with wins, but he absolutely kept the team in both of those games, he did all we could have asked of him.

Isaac Ratcliffe (LW), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2017 2nd Round Pick, 35th overall

We didn’t see a massive offensive outpouring from Ratcliffe this week, not on the scoresheet, but we really should have. He was all over the place this week (in a good way), moving the puck well, creating a ton of chances, and just bringing a ton of flash. He’s been on recently, that’s for sure.

Tyson Foerster (LW), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2020 1st Round Pick, 23rd overall

Foerster’s a little snakebitten right now, but he’s still playing some very good hockey. He’s had a few really good chances over the last couple of games, and it feels like it’s only a matter of time before things break open for him again.

Cam York (LHD), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2019 1st Round Pick, 14th overall

  • 4/28 - did not play
  • 5/1 - did not play
  • 5/2 - 3 SOG

York missed the first two games of the week with a nagging lower body injury, but he was able to get back into the mix on Sunday. It wasn’t a hugely flashy game for him, but he did have a couple of nice looks, and came up with some big defensive plays, and, further, didn’t seem to be hampered by whatever’s been ailing him.

Wade Allison (RW), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2016 2nd Round Pick, 52nd overall

Allison’s a Flyer now!

Prospects playing in Canadian junior

Connor McClennon (RW), Winnipeg Ice (WHL)

2020 6th Round Pick, 178th overall

Just one game this week for Winnipeg, and it was a pretty quiet one for McClennon, all things considered. He still had a couple of looks, but wasn’t able to get himself on the scoresheet.