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Flyers look to close out series against Penguins strong

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Can we get two wins in a row?

Pittsburgh Penguins v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

We’re back again already, folks! The Flyers dished out a pretty stunning 7-2 win over the Penguins last night, and they’re right back at it again tonight, looking to sweep this two game series. If they were pull that off, it would be their first back to back wins since March 27-29, and their first series sweep since they swept the Sabres back on February 27-28. And, well, we’re just going to leave that one right there.

Players to watch

Joel Farabee (again)

We talked before last night’s game about Farabee, and how it felt like he was trending in the right direction, and it was only a matter of time before things starting breaking his way again. And would you look at that! That’s exactly what happened last night! Farabee picked up a goal in the third period, and had himself another really solid game. He looks like he’s picking up momentum again, and here’s hoping that he’s able to carry some of that into tonight’s game.

Brian Elliott

With Alex Lyon getting the start last night (and doing quite well, we should add!), that means Elliott’s scheduled to start tonight. It’s been a bit of a rough go of things for Elliott recently, and that’s understandable—his workload has been significant this season, considering his age, and the fact that we’re seeing him start to break down should have been expected. But even in this rough stretch, there have been some positive flashes, so we’re hoping that Elliott can tap into some of that and help the team follow up a solid effort with another.

Two big questions

Will the power play keep producing?

The Flyers’ power play has been something of a mess for just about the whole of the season, that’s certainly no secret, but they did get a bit of production out of them last night, care of a goal from Shayne Gostisbehere. The up and down from the power play has been pretty dizzying, but we’re hoping they can keep up the productivity for a bit longer, and stave off another downswing for just a bit longer. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Can they keep this rolling?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? The Flyers have been mired with inconsistency this season, and time and again we’ve seen them put together a really stellar effort, and then to come out in the next game looking flat and ineffective. Are we going to see them fall back into that old trap again tonight? Or can they match last night’s energy and, work on building some momentum? We want to keep our expectations reasonable, but we also deserve a little bit more fun this season, after how it’s gone so far, so how about it, the Flyers? Do something good here?