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An outdoor event with perfect timing to kick off the Flyers season

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Announcing the Philly Tailgate Games!

NHL: Washington Capitals at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

As we roll towards some semblance of normalcy following 2020, the Wells Fargo Center has decided to get all Philly sports fans together outdoors for an incredible day of tailgate games and prizes for competitors.

On Saturday, September 25th the Wells Fargo Center will host The Philly Tailgate Games. This will be an outdoor, block-party-style event where you can compete in classic tailgate games like Cornhole, Ladder Golf, Washers, Jenga and more. There will also be food, beer, and live music to round out the whole atmosphere. And prizes, there are Prizes with a capital P.

Whether you plan to be a competitor or just want to attend an unforgettable block party, all ticket holders will have the chance to enter and win the evening’s epic raffle prize, a pair of tickets to every concert at Wells Fargo Center for a year.


Faceoff in America’s favorite tailgate game to see who has the best tailgate toss in Philadelphia. Prizes will be awarded per player (2 prizes total) and include:

First Place: Year of free beer

Second Place: Month of free beer


Compete to see who will be the last one standing *literally* in this table-top classic turned life-sized. Prizes will be awarded per team (single prize split between teammates) and include:

First Place: Suite at Wells Fargo Center for a concert of your choice (**suite seats 12)

SecondPlace: Two (2) tickets to any concert of your choice at Wells Fargo Center


Go head-to-head to see whose “pitch” will rake in first place. Prizes will be awarded per team (single prize split between teammates) and include:

First Place: Live! Casino One-Night Stay & Dinner Credit ($300 hotel credit; $200 dining credit)

Second Place: Live! Casino Dinner Credit ($200 dinner credit)


You don’t need a caddy to climb the ranks in this showdown. Prizes will be awarded per team (single prize split between teammates) and include:

First Place: Philadelphia Flyers 2021-2022 Season Tickets

Second Place: Two (2) tickets to Philadelphia Flyers game of your choice

Now, I’m sure you’re asking what this has to do with Broad Street Hockey. Oh buddy, we’re gonna be there. We’re going to be participating. We’re gonna be throwing down in all of these games. And we want you to hang out with us.


It’s not only us. Bleeding Green Nation will be there. Liberty Ballers will be there. The Good Phight will be there. Brotherly Game will be there. This is the biggest tailgate event of the season, and there is no home game for any Philly team to lose and ruin the vibe!

As far as we’re concerned, this is the only way to kick off the new Flyers 2021-22 season, and the timing is perfect. Come hang out with us.

Ticket prices range from $40 for a Tournament Team ticket (teams must have two players signed up) to $10 for General Admission and Redemption Round tickets. **Redemption Round tickets can only be purchased on-site during the event.

What: Philly Tailgate Games and SB Nation Philly meet up

When: September 25th, 12pm

Where: Wells Fargo Center parking lots

How: Buy tickets using this link, $10 for spectators, $40 for competitors