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Flyers release 2021-22 regular season schedule

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Hockey is right around the corner!

New Jersey Devils v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

We’re deep in the offseason and it sure feels like everything is happening at once. We just wrapped up the Expansion Draft, the Entry Draft kicks off tomorrow, and then there’s free agency opening next week, the Flyers are making trade... EVERYTHING is happening. And that probably means that this is the perfect time to remind you all that actual hockey is right around the corner! The schedule is here!

The Flyers’ season kicks off on October 15, a Friday, with a home game against Vancouver. That’s right, folks! It’s not a West Coast swing or a trip overseas to start the season, just a regular old home game. At long last.

As a few more interesting notes, we do see a break built in for the Olympics in February (the Flyers are off from the 2nd through the 22nd), we’ll see the Kraken for the first time at home on October 18, and while they’ll play the rest of their Metro Division rivals four times, we’ll only see the Devils and the Blue Jackets three times. Hooray?

It’s all swiftly approaching, and, as always, it sure is gearing up to be an interesting season. The full schedule is below. See you in October!