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Potential advertising partners for the Flyers’ 2021-22 season

The jersey ads are coming; whose money will the Flyers end up taking?

New Jersey Devils v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

It leaked earlier today that, despite Gary Bettman’s assurances to the contrary last year, the NHL will finally give in to the corporate gods whose money and influence rules us all and sell advertising space on NHL jerseys for the upcoming season.

From ESPN’s report on the story:

The league’s board of governors formally voted this month to approve jersey advertisements. The NHL had surveyed its teams and found the majority of them in favor of jersey ads. The ads will be featured in a 3-inch-by-3.5-inch rectangle, which is larger than the NBA’s 2.5-by-2.5-inch space for uniform ads.

This is, of course, the second foray into selling advertising space on the players’ uniforms. Last year the league approved helmet advertisements, which after being roundly derided by most fans after the announcement, ended up being not that big a deal at all.

The Flyers helmet advertiser was a little out of left field, but it definitely worked; that little “TCS” on the Flyers’ helmets forced us all to learn what Tata Consulting Services is, and we can only assume that many of you are now using them for your “global IT services, consulting, and business solutions” needs. That’s how advertising works, right?

Anyhoo, after that relatively boring sponsorship partner for the helmets, we at Broad Street Hockey thought we might offer some more interesting, fun, and Philly-esque options for these new jersey patches.

The Safe Choices


This now-global cable corporation owns the team, half the city, and has found a way to make sure just about every Philadelphia resident is paying them for something. So seeing their logo on the Flyers’ jerseys would make perfect sense, but doesn’t really bring any new money to the table. Wouldn’t expect this one.


Already a Flyers sponsor (Lou Nolan is a treasure), PECO is the state’s largest energy utility and a logical choice for the jersey ads. Their logo is pretty inoffensive (check it out for yourself if you don’t know it already) and wouldn’t likely distract too much from the jersey aesthetic. It’s blue though. That’s not great.

Wells Fargo

With their name already on the building, Wells Fargo ponying up a little more cash to also get their name on the jerseys could certainly be an option. Their logo is a little busier, horse and buggy and all, but it’s red and yellow, so it may not draw the eye too much on an orange jersey.

The Go-Full-Philly Choices


Remember scoring for a case of Tastykakes?? That was so fun. Let’s bring that back to JJ’s goal calls and bring the cupcake logo to the jerseys.

Tony Luke’s

Unlike most of the other well-known cheesesteak places in the city, Tony Luke’s is running a full-on empire at this point, with shops all over the place — including inside Citizen’s Bank Park and The Linc. If the Flyers want to lean in to Philly Things, a cheesesteak sponsor is an obvious choice and Tony Luke’s probably has the cash to make it happen.


First of all, that bird on the jersey would be awesome as far as logos go. Incredibly unobtrusive. And literally nothing is more Philly-area than Wawa. Maybe when the Flyers score four goals we’d all get a free Sizzli. That would rule.

The Gritty-God-of-Chaos-and-Destruction Choices

Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Sure a small business like Four Seasons might not have the budget required for an NHL jersey sponsorship, but hey, helping small businesses is good for the community! And think of all the free press for the team!

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

What if someone pays the Flyers enough just to put a tiny “Philadelphia” on the front of the jersey? Imagine how jealous other teams would be, with their big ugly credit card company or IT services company logo on their sweaters. Low-key kinda the most fun option.


What an elite troll job a Sheetz-Flyers partnership would be. An airstrike by the enemy in The Great Gas Station Food War. Right into the hearts (and bellies) of the Flyers’ fan base. Also, you’d all have to be forced to reckon with the fact that Sheetz food is actually better. Yikes.