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Thursday Morning Fly By: Wonder what Justin Braun is up to

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

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New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

*What do you think Justin Braun does with his summer? Is he a fishing guy? Golf guy? Just wondering. Anyhoo, We’re ten days out from dev camp and here are some guys you should be excited about seeing. [NBC Sports Philly]

*Charlie unpacks Carter Hart like only Charlie can, taking a look at what happened, why the Flyers still trust him, and where we go from here. [The Athletic]

*The newest member of the Phantoms’ coaching staff, Jason Smith, sat down with Bill Meltzer and Jason Myrtetus to have a little chat. [Hockeybuzz]

*The women’s World Championship tourney kicks off tomorrow and, as always, promises to be a lot of fun to watch. [Sportsnet]

*There are certain hockey markets that seem, to some, like they just deserve a good hockey team. Like if all is right in the world, they’re getting some good hockey. Buffalo is one of those markets. [The Hockey News]

*And finally, a survey! A hockey survey! For fans! Everyone loves a survey, right? Have fun kids. [The Athletic]