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Monday Morning Fly By: The injuries are already starting

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

Heather Barry

*The kids played their rookie games against the Rangers this weekend and Saturday afternoon’s match was a lot of fun, with the Flyers coming out on top and a good time had by all... [Inquirer]

*... and then, in Sunday’s game, this:

Maybe having potential roster players play in meaningless games before training camp is dumb?? Just one person’s thoughts (opinion). [NBC Sports Philly]

*Wade Allison was one of the stand-outs on Saturday, too. Kid is so fun. [NBC Sports Philly]

*In case you missed them, last week’s final entries into the 25 Under 25 were Emil Andrae at 15... [BSH]

*...and new guy Samu Tuomaala at 14. Today we head into the halfway point! Exciting!! [BSH]

*Brady Tkachuk still isn’t signed. That’s wild. No idea how he could do it, but if Chuck could do it, that would be a lot of fun for us. [Sportsnet]

*And finally, to wrap things up for this Monday morning, Montreal will be hosting the 2022 Entry Draft after being screwed out of the 2020 draft by the entire world shutting down due to a viral pandemic. Seems fair. [ProHockeyTalk]