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Flyers announce training camp schedule, roster, and injury updates

Suddenly, everything is happening.

NHL: SEP 18 Rangers Devlopment Camp Photo by Joshua Sarner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Just like that, training camp is upon us! The Flyers are set to be back on the ice starting on Thursday. We’ll see them broken up into three groups for regular on-ice sessions for the first three days of camp, and then they’ll add a couple of scrimmages on top of those sessions on Sunday and Monday, ahead of Tuesday’s preseason kickoff against the Islanders.

You can find the full schedule for here, and the full roster for camp can be found here.

The Flyers have also announced the following injury updates:

Kevin Hayes (abdominal surgery on 9/21 - out 6-8 weeks)

Samuel Morin (right knee surgery to have loose bodies removed on 9/10 - out 6-8 weeks)

Wade Allison (right ankle sprain - out indefinitely)

Zayde Wisdom (shoulder surgery - out indefinitely)

Cooper Zech (upper body - out 6-8 weeks)

Not all of this is surprising: we knew that Wisdom would be out for a while, and there had been rumors about Morin’s status kicking around for the last little bit here. But there are a few takeaways. The ankle injury for Allison is still not great, but considering how ugly the play he was injured on looked, and the knee issues he’s had in the past, an ankle injury feels like a bit of a bullet dodged, all things considered.

The Hayes news is the big surprise, and that certainly complicates things. The Flyers’ center situation heading into camp already looked to be a bit up in the air, and a lot was going to depend on those battles in camp to solidify those positions, and now they seem to be even more wide open. With Hayes out (and to a degree, Allison as well) this certainly opens up the door for some prospects like Morgan Frost and Tanner Laczynski, who have been impressing in development and rookie camps, to push hard for a spot, and reasonably grab one.

Things are getting really interesting around here, and while it feels like we say this every year, this camp is going to be one to keep an eye on.