Some Surprising Love and Hatred in Vegas

Long-time fan here from the Pacific Northwest, dating back to the Lindros era. Thanks to streaming, I catch 82 Flyers games a year (rarely more these past few seasons) and one of the things I've always enjoyed from season to season is the various storylines that play out.

Anyway, so my brother-in-law, a life-long saver, splurged recently and bought tickets the Raiders game against the Chargers earlier this month in Las Vegas. He invited my wife and I along. Of course, the first thing I did was look up the VGK and see if there was a game that weekend. There was and it was versus Chicago. So we grabbed seats for that.

I will say that they put on a good show there but that's no surprise. What was a little bit of a surprise was when I saw Patrick Nolan during warm-ups. I actually got mad. Not screaming mad but angry. I didn't like how casual he was. How cocky. I took some joy in how no one passed to him in the shooting drill until there was no one else to pass to. And during the game, I took note of what a passenger he seemed.

Yeah, glad to be rid of him. But what a waste of a second overall pick. And I didn't expect to have quite that strong of a reaction. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.

Conversely, hating Pittsburg is second nature at this point. But even though I despise the Pens, I always kinda liked MAF. And this game was, of course, his first return trip to Vegas since being stabbed in the back traded. The crowd was pretty receptive and I realized that while rooting with the home team might be fun, cheering for him would be more fun. So I did, and of course, he won the game.

I guess my whole point of this post is that I was surprised at how much I didn't realize I didn't like NP and at how much I liked and respected MAF. And all of this without the benefit of drink any alcohol at the game (sacriligous, I know but we made up for it at the football game).

I wondered the next day if my dislike for NP is intensified by frustration with the current iteration of the Flyers (and suffering through the last seven seasons or so...). It probably isn't fair, and maybe he's a good dude. But probably that's about as likely as MAF being a jerk...

Anyway, thanks for reading. LGF and FTP, and happy belated New Year. Also, let's fix the PEEEEEEEEEEEEEECOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH Power Play please.

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