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Are you rooting for another 10-game losing streak?

Postgame 1/17

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at New York Islanders Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

Be honest.

Are you rooting for a second 10-game losing streak?

I really think I am.

I mean, like... they’ve lost eight straight, and the latest failure was game #38, a 4-1 snoozer against the New York Islanders. That means by game #40 the Philadelphia Flyers could’ve suffered a pair of 10-game losing streaks.

I’m far more into this than Keith Yandle’s ironman streak. I wish I was being facetious.

But the Orange and Black are so far gone at this point, the worse it gets, the better. If things keep getting worse, if they don’t stabilize into mediocrity, that is the best possible outcome for the organization’s longterm outlook.

There can be no fooling ourselves. The front office can’t possibly believe filling a few holes and bandaging a few wounds will fix the top-to-bottom dysfunction that has been on display over last season and now this one.

The Flyers are horrible. Truly. Watching their power play tonight was legitimately painful. This thing needs to be blown up with dynamite.

This shit sucks.