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The Flyers owe Claude Giroux a trade

Do the right thing.

Philadelphia Flyers v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

With just two more losses in a row, the Flyers will have their second, yes, SECOND ten game losing streak of this season. They currently find themselves near dead last in both their division (7th) and in the NHL overall (26th of 32 teams). Teams that the Flyers were surely better than, such as the Blackhawks and Bluejackets, have eclipsed them shockingly as the Flyers have no answer to stop their downward spiral into misery.

It is abundantly clear that at the very least, more than a re-tool will be needed to change the fate of the Flyers.

Therefore, the time is now to give Claude Giroux a chance to see success in a different city.

It had been a New Year’s Resolution to appreciate Claude while he still remains in Philadelphia, given he is one of the most iconic Flyers of all time, right up there in terms of legacy with Clarke, Parent, and Lindros.

However, while yes the efforts to appreciate him should be made, with how pitiful the Flyers are, if they are (as they should) going to rebuild, Giroux being moved is almost inevitable. Not only this, but it would be the right thing to do.

Though Giroux had appeared in the postseason 8 times out of his 13 completed seasons (8/14 assuming the Flyers don’t make the playoffs this current year), the Flyers have mostly been bounced in the first round. Having last appeared in the Eastern Conference Final or further at the age of 22, Giroux has matured as a player since then, and deserves at least a shot to appear deep into the playoffs again.

Philadelphia Flyers v Seattle Kraken Photo by Christopher Mast/NHLI via Getty Images

While it would be painful to see Giroux play for any other team but the Flyers, it needs to be done. Giroux deserves the chance to play out his career chasing a Stanley Cup with a contending team such as Colorado in the West, or Tampa in the East (or any contending team that could make a deal work). While we’ll always be Flyers fans, if Giroux features for a different team with the chance to hoist the Cup, we can certainly make an exception to overtly share a rooting interest. He’d be the first member of the winning team other than said team’s captain to skate around with the Cup above their head, and if that moment happens, it will be bittersweet, but sweet irregardless.

Above all, I think many Flyers fans, us included, just want to see Giroux have success. After committing so much of his adult life to this franchise, he deserves success in whatever way that manifests itself. For such an iconic and likeable individual, it is only right that Giroux be allowed to help a team win a Stanley Cup. Any team with Giroux on it as a possible rental at that would certainly be a favorite with that amount of depth, much like some Flyer teams of old.

So, out of respect for our captain, please let Giroux go to a contender.