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BSH Radio #377: Carter Hart, that’s how

What if they just keep winning?

Florida Panthers v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

Bill Matz, Steph Driver, and Charlie O’Connor recorded this before Thursday’s 4-3 win over the Florida Panthers, but given the way that game played out, the content is still quite relevant.

The Philadelphia Flyers are 5-2-0 (4-2-0 at time of recording), despite being owned in basically every metric other than the final score.

Carter Hart, who made a career high 48 saves against the Panthers, is playing at a Vezina-caliber level while the rest of the team is basically living up to the expectations of a squad picked to finish near the bottom of the standings.

And yet, here they are, inexplicably atop the division thanks to Hart, a shooting-percentage over 11 (finished last year at 8.3%), and John Tortorella magic.

The gang chooses to enjoy this most likely unsustainable beginning to the season, and also there’s a discussion at the end of Chuck Fletcher claiming Kieffer Bellows on waivers.

Listen to the show!