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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Good day to stop the bleeding

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes…

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Philadephia Flyers v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Ben Jackson/NHLI via Getty Images

*The Flyers are back in Columbus tonight for another meeting with the Beej. An excellent opportunity to stop this losing streak before it really gets off the ground. Good news? The Flyers’ underlying numbers are improving. Bad news? Well, the uh... the losing. [Inquirer]

*The Phantoms, on the other hand, are winning! How the turn tables etc. [Flyers]

*Last night was the Hall of Fame induction ceremony up in Toronto, with Roberto Luongo, Daniel Alfredsson, The Sedin Twins, Riikka Sallinen, and Herb Carnegie being welcomed into the Hall. There seems to be some consternation about the Sedins getting in; what do you all think? Do they meet the bar? [Sportsnet]

*No one seems to object to Alfredsson’s inclusion, though, and his best friend Erik Karlsson wrote a lovely piece to celebrate Alfie’s big night. [The Players’ Tribune]

*Goal differential is obviously an important metric — scoring many more goals than you let in probably means you’re a good hockey team! — but I’m not sure most realize just how important it can be, even in the early part of the season. [TSN]

*Some various and sundry interesting hockey things, including the three coaches that are likely feeling some warmth on their butts. [The Hockey News]

*And finally, DGB’s latest, with a look at which big-name summer acquisitions are looking a little bit like busts at the moment. [The Athletic]