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Happy Thanksgiving, Flyers fans!

We all have stuff to be thankful for. Yes, even you.

Carolina Hurricanes v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

You know that awkward moment when your Mom Mom asks everyone, mid-bite of broccoli casserole, to go around the table and tell everyone what they’re thankful for this year?

It me, BSH Mom Mom. I asked the BSH Fam to give us something Flyers-related that they are thankful for on this, the day we do the giving of the thanks. Given the state of this team, it’s not terribly surprising that most of the fam had to get up and pee as soon as I asked the question. But some of us had some things and I thought they were worth sharing.

It’s been a rough few years, but we’re all hanging in. And I’m thankful for each and every person reading these words right now. Hope you have a wonderful holiday, pals. — K.H.

Matt: I’m grateful that my son was born during this really awful period of the Flyers. It’s not that I want them to be bad, but there’s a certain value in buying low and sticking it out through the hard times—and probably a lesson to be imparted in that, too. It means that he’ll always be able to say that he’s been a fan since ‘22 and that’ll actually mean that he’s lived through some of the lean years. And when the Flyers finally win the cup again when he’s around my age and I’m dead he’ll be able to say, “Finally, it’s all paid off, we’ve come a long way in my years as a fan” and also “Wow, my dad probably would’ve enjoyed this, that’s too bad.”

Steph: On this day, I am thankful for this particular group of masochists who like the hockey team The Flyers. How did we get here? I have no idea, but we’re in it together. I am also thankful for John Tortorella, he is entertaining me more than I anticipated. But on a deeper level, he seems to get it which is refreshing, especially since no one above him seems to. And he’s a Horse Girl, you know I love that.

Kurt: I am thankful for the fact that, despite pretty much all of us knowing how hopeless this team’s current situation is in the short and long-term, we’re still able to find joy in moments and performances here and there. It’s easy to just say the Flyers should tank, and, well … they probably should! But it’s nice that we don’t seem to have reached a point where we can’t enjoy when they do something good on the ice. There is stuff going on here that’s enjoyable even if big-picture things are pretty bleak. If you’re here watching through all of this, might as well savor what you can.

Kelly: I am thankful for this community of fans that, despite the state of this franchise, remain involved and invested enough to be SO PISSED OFF. ALL THE TIME. This sounds smart-assy, I know, but I mean it earnestly. We could be the Arizona Coyotes, with no real engagement or interest from fans, because there just aren’t that many. But there are so many of us. Even still. And despite the (mostly justified) complaining, it doesn’t seem like most of us are going anywhere. Which means our big weird miserable family of Flyers fans will be together, at least for another year. Just like we were last year. Talking about the line combos, complaining about 4th line plugs, collectively hating the front office. It’s honestly really fucking great when you step back and think about it a little.

Thomas: I am more than thankful for the Flyers sucking big time recently. I am also thankful that we were able to collectively have a little bit of fun and enjoy watching the first couple of weeks this season, but that has become overshadowed by the fact that this team has crashed back down to earth; gone off the side of a cliff, nosedived to the ground, or whichever analogy you prefer. It has given us a true sense of realism of what this Flyers season is going to be like and how we can once again do a couple months of prospect research leading into the NHL Entry Draft and hope for some lottery luck. They have some tough competition, but considering the way that they have performed in the last few weeks, I believe they can get there and be one of the worst teams we have seen. Good luck!