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Let’s do that hockey with James Minger!

Say hello to Broad Street Hockey’s newest contributor!

Barrasso Kicks Away Puck Photo by John Giamundo/Getty Images

Holy smokes I’m writing for Broad Street Hockey?!

My name is James Minger, and I, like you have been burdened with a lifelong love for the Philadelphia Hockey Flyers. My love for the game started in the (not so) mean streets of Langhorne, PA. With a day-glo Mylec in hand, I was hooked! No matter how cold or hot it was outside, I was playing street hockey. Turns out no one wanted to be the goalie so that is where I found myself to keep the game going. I’ve been stuck in goal ever since.

Even though he’s the name we shall not speak, I grew up idolizing Ron Hextall and all of the great 90’s goalies. My love for the Flyers really became ensconced in the Legion of Doom era, the heartache of the ‘97 Final, and watching every second of the five overtime game.

I really do believe this is the best sport in the world, but it’s a sport that is not very well understood unless you grew up playing it or had someone explain the finer points to you. So, the spicy content that I’m going to put out is aimed at expanding the knowledge of how to play the game for people who might be new to hockey, didn’t grow up playing the game, and/or who are just curious about what these players are actually doing on the ice.

We love this game because of how skilled and fast it is but what if we could love it even more if we knew the skill involved in ripping a cross-body one-timer top shelf? Or that miraculous save we just saw wasn’t so much a miracle, but actually the result of an incredibly complex series of movements by the goalie?

I’m super pumped to be part of this very passionate BSH community and very much looking forward to posting and conversing with all of you!

I’ll sign off by saying, “WHEEL WHEEL WHEEL!”

(This is what goalies say when they want the players to skate the puck out and if you’ve ever been anywhere near me in a hockey playing/viewing experience, you’ve heard me yell this.)