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Claude Giroux tries way too hard, wins All-Star MVP

Our captain did it all against some guys casually skating around.

2022 Honda NHL All-Star Game Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

The NHL All-Star Weekend put the next generation of elite hockey talent on full display — whether it was Trevor Zegras pulling off some wild breakaway moves, or Cale Makar having a laugh halfway through his inevitable Norris-winning season. Well, our Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux decided to play big brother and stiff-arm the hell out of their foreheads, as they scratched and clawed at glory.

No matter how old you get, turns out you can still make some 20-somethings look like absolute dunces on the ice, as Giroux earned the well-deserved title of All-Star Game MVP, as he went on to score three goals and added an assist through the two interdivisional “games.”

Maybe it was the fact that this is likely his last time at the mid-season event as a Flyer, or showcasing his talent for a very good team to eventually trade for him as a rental, before the March 21 trade deadline, but Giroux put on a show in Vegas.

Must be nice for some of his linemates to finish the scoring chances he creates every once in a while.

He scored some pretty goals as well.

And if scoring a cumulative hat trick wasn’t enough, he really made a generational blueliner get fooled by a nifty move.

All in all, it was just a pleasure to see Giroux visibly have fun on the ice, surrounded by an immense level of talent. If this doesn’t further the notion that all we need as Flyers fans is to see him lift the Stanley Cup this summer, on some other random team that we will all bandwagon with full force, then I don’t know what to tell you. All we need is his name on the Cup.

Best of all, Gavin Giroux was there.