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Claude Giroux: Captain Fun

Legendary hockey player. Legendary scamp!

2019 NHL All-Star - Red Carpet Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

Alright, fam, we’ve all been going through a lot of feels getting ready for Claude Giroux’s 1000th game, and what very well may be his last as a Flyer. Giroux’s legacy as a Flyer is undeniable. While he will always be a legendary hockey player, we can never forget how fun and weird this guy is.

There’s an old cliche in sports, “you don’t miss the game, you miss the guys” and Claude Giroux epitomizes this. I don’t know how to explain it, but when you get any group of people together to play hockey, it brings out your inner, dumber, playful child. It makes you do hilarious stuff like this:

Lord knows that most, if not all, of us would not like for our very immature 20’s to be super well documented. Fortunately for us (unfortunately for Giroux), when professional athletes get caught doing silly things, it gets reported on.

Such scandal!

This was right around the time when whacky stuff just kept happening to Giroux like that time he legit hurt himself playing golf.

While Giroux’s off-ice exploits are infamous in their own right, everyone loves the pure weapons grade snark he brought on the ice:

“Phil, did you drink a coke today?”

And all on its own, the pigeon call heard around the world:

Again, folks, I’m big in the feels right now with Giroux’s 1000th game/potentially last game coming up. This team, this city, ME will not be the same when he goes.