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Claude Giroux, through the lens

I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying

There’s so many things I have been trying to muster up to say about this moment,

but let me start with this: what a milestone to achieve and do so while wearing the Orange and Black sweater this entire time. Giroux is this generation’s Flyers, former teams and most of this generations group of fans is all they know. I wish Giroux and his family the best of luck in his decision moving forward.

Also, this is a big emotional moment for me as Giroux was the generation I got hooked into Flyers hockey. Back in 2012, I was just a little hobbyist photographer trying to find my way after business school wasn’t the ‘dream’ for me. Back in Tampa for games you could bring lenses and cameras in as a fan to a certain length. I made sure to get there early and get as close to the players tunnel to snag some warmup photos. Looking back, they weren’t really good by any means, but one thing I knew: it lighted a fire in me that this was a passion I didn’t know I had: the challenge and goal of becoming a sports photographer.

Here we are, ten years into that dream career (and much improved photos on my end I hope) and I wanted to share some photos throughout the years of Captain G. Be advised, some of these are bad, but it’s all about the good memories and historical moments that made it all the more fun.