My Aggressive Retool

Thought I would have a crack at an offseason retool, following the trade deadline passing. Spoiler alert, I am not bringing back Giroux, as much as I tried to. We have other priorities.

Firstly, RFA's of note during this offseason, include Frost (3 x 1.3), Tippett (3x 1.6), Allison (2 x 1.2) and McEwan (2x .950). These players help fill out our bottom 6 with still have decent upsides, albiet not quite showing fully at the NHL level.

Secondly, UFA's. Here is were I get creative. Firstly, JVR is bought out. Secondly I am sending Konecny and picks to Calgary for the rights to Johnny Gudreau for 7/8 years at 8.5. Finally I am filling out my defense with Gudbrandson.

Finally I am using Sandstrom as the back up for next season behind Hart.

Leaves me with a team as follows:

Gudreau / Couturier / Farabee

Laughton / Hayes / Atkinson

Lindblom / Frost / Tippett

McEwan / Brown / Allison

Sanheim / Ellis

Provorov / Rasmussen

York / Gudbrandson



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