The Kids aren't Alright: What to do with the Flyers

The Flyers suck.

I know, you may think: "It's just an inconsistent year in the eternal balance between Playoffs and No Playoffs! Every other year!"

But this time, the Flyers are different.

Giroux and Ghost are gone, Hart and Konecny have fallen off, and other stars, such as Kevin Hayes, have bloated contracts.

Here, I will outline some things that could be done to set the Flyers straight.

1. Embrace the goalie suckiness, and play Sandstrom.

The Flyers' goalies already suck. Carter Hart hasn't rebounded from last year. Martin Jones is getting 2 million to be arguably the worst backup in the NHL. Firstly, let Martin Jones walk, or trade him to a bottom-feeder for a second round pick (Sharks return, anyone?) A good 1A and 1B could be started with Hart and Sandstrom for Sandstrom to accrue experience and Hart to try and show that he's the guy. If Hart's good, start him! If Sandstrom, start him! If neither, add a goalie in the draft, and repeat until "the guy" is found, or the Flyers get good enough to buy again. This won't be fun, but it will help the Flyers future in arguably their worst position.

2. Focus on the young guns.

The Flyers have a decent "young guy" pool lined up, with Sandstrom, Cam York, Owen Tippett, Ronnie Attard, Egor Zamula, Noah Cates, and the hyped-up Bobby Brink. Just a few of these players sticking could make the difference. On the same coin, sending these players across the lines and pairings could help develop them, and motivate the players who haven't played their best.

3. Give 1 or 2 more chances.

Atkinson, van Riemsdyk, Farabee, Sanheim, and Provorov have held down and deserve their spots on the top, but most Flyers vets are faltering. A way to fix them is to spread them out with the young guys, to act as mentors, and to maximize their potential, because if you add half of Kevin Hayes' output to 2 developing players, it still counts as a Kevin Hayes. Players like Rasmus Ristolainen, Travis Konecny, and the aforementioned Kevin Hayes have been down for multiple years, and need to be demoted from lines and adjusted if they want to comeback. Others, like Laughton and Lindblom, deserve an extra chance. As I say, play bad once, alarming, play bad twice, concerning.

4. Stay patient.

The Flyers will suck for the next three years. Things will be bad, attendance will be down, and the Flyers will rebuild. But hey, in five years, when the Flyers are the best defense in hockey, it'll be worth it. (That BETTER not age badly.)

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