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Friday Morning Fly By: Always a Good day with no Flyers

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

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NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Washington Capitals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

*That second day between Flyers games always feels so nice, so relaxing. It’s like the third day in a three-day weekend. Anyhoo, the Flyers are back at it tomorrow and Sunday against the Sabres, but before that here’s what we learned from Wednesday’s loss. [BSH]

*After that Rangers game we heard, again, that the Flyers really really tried hard to play a good hockey game. That refrain has become really state. [Inquirer]

*We’re a couple games in to The Bobby Brink Era, which means there’s just enough tape for Charlie to dive into a video study. These are always so good. [The Athletic]

*So here’s something completely outside of the Flyers that may be relevant to your interest: what might Johnny Gaudreau’s next contract look like? [Sportsnet]

*Ahh yes, everyone’s favorite topic: the most underrated players in the league. Or in this case, under-appreciated. Same diff. [ESPN+]

*Some folks think that if the Vegas Golden Knights can manage to sneak into the ploffs they could be the team that plays spoiler out west. [ProHockeyTalk]

*And finally, it’s Friday which means you, dear reader, get a brand new BSH Radio! [BSH]