I'm actually enjoying this (I know, I'm nuts)

Hello guys,

I'm a Flyers fan from Quebec City. I never found the courage to call Bill on his post game show because my spoken english is not very good so I thought I'd write something here. Bill, if your see this post, feel free to read it during your show if you want to.

I'm actually enjoying what's happening with the team for two reasons. These are not based on the tactical, on-ice aspect of hockey, obviously, or on any analytics. This is just me being optimistic against the tide.

Reason 1: I grew up as a Nordiques fan, profoundly hating the Habs and their crazy fans. So when the Flyers kicked the Habs out of the playoff in 2010, I started to notice them. There were players with personality on the roster, like Hartnell, Briere, Giroux and a few others and I stuck around for those reasons. Afterwards, when they selected Coots in 2011, the deal was sealed for me. But rabid Habs fans all around me were questioning my dedication to the Flyers, saying that I was nothing more than a bandwagon fan so I started to doubt. But now, after all these years of mediocrity and the recent hellish sequence that we are going through. I KNOW I am a Flyers fan. Why would I stick around if I was just a distant follower? So, Habs fans, I proudly give you the finger and truly hope your GM will sign Yandle during summer.

Reason 2: We are actually going to get through this. I don't know when but we will. I find that half the fun in hockey comes from the management part. We know that Fletcher is going to mess up things a little more before better days come and it will be exhilarating to witness the process that will take us out of the hole. Will the team be sold? Will there be a spectacular trade or will we see our luck turn around in the draft? Can't wait to be a part of that experience, to be honest.

So, here are my two reasons for having a smile on my face during these difficult times. I thought I'd add my grain of salt. Comments are welcomed, of course.

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