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Flyers clinch 4th-highest draft lottery odds

We now know where they sit in the upcoming draft lottery.

Ottawa Senators v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

In possibly the most painful way imaginable, the Philadelphia Flyers’ odds for winning the first overall pick at the 2022 NHL Draft have been finalized.

With the final game of the regular season on Sunday afternoon, all the Flyers needed was the Seattle Kraken to earn a single point against the Winnipeg Jets for them to leapfrog over Philadelphia in the overall league standings and increase our favorite hockey team’s chances at drafting top prospect Shane Wright.

Well, the Dave Hakstol-led Kraken allowed three goals in just over four minutes for the Jets to come back from a 3-1 deficit and earn the 4-3 win in regulation. You just had to know that would happen with the former Flyers bench boss in charge.

Anyway, misery aside, the Flyers have now secured the fourth-highest draft lottery odds, and here’s how everything shakes out.

2022 NHL Draft Lottery Odds

Seed Team Odds
Seed Team Odds
1 Montreal Canadiens 18.50%
2 Arizona Coyotes 13.50%
3 Seattle Kraken 11.50%
4 Philadelphia Flyers 9.50%
5 New Jersey Devils 8.50%
6 Chicago Blackhawks 7.50%
7 Ottawa Senators 6.50%
8 Detroit Red Wings 6.00%
9 Buffalo Sabres 5.00%
10 Anaheim Ducks 3.50%
11 San Jose Sharks 3.00%
12 Columbus Blue Jackets 2.50%
13 New York Islanders 2.00%
14 Winnipeg Jets 1.50%
15 Vancouver Canucks 0.50%
16 Vegas Golden Knights 0.50%

So, with the single Kraken loss, the Flyers’ odds dropped two percent, but we won’t be upset until Seattle eventually moves up.

This year, only the top two picks will be subject to the lottery, meaning that the lowest the Flyers will be able to draft is sixth overall. In addition, a team can only move up a maximum of 10 spots, meaning only the bottom 11 teams are eligible to select first overall.

The odds of teams winning the second overall pick increase proportionally depending on which team wins the first lottery. So, some math might be needed when that happens.

The 2022 NHL Draft Lottery will be on May 10 and available on ESPN before that day’s playoff games, at 6:30 p.m. ET.