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BSH 2022 Community Draft Board, No. 5: Matthew Savoie

Size doesn’t matter.

2022 CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game Photo by Chris Tanouye/Getty Images

One of the first things you will see or hear with anything related to Matthew Savoie is his size. At just 5-foot-9 and 179 pounds, he is one of the smallest players in the draft. The next thing you will hear about him is his dynamic offensive skill and how he is one of the most exciting players in the draft.

We have seen discussion this so many times in the past, about whether small players can make it in the NHL, and they constantly have proven that they can. The game is played so different then it was 20 years ago, and players are much more protected. The rules today allow for players to use their speed and skill, so why would you not want the player with possibly the most speed and skill in the draft?

BSH 2022 Community Draft Board, No.5: Matthew Savoie

2021-2022 Season

Team: Winnipeg Ice (WHL)

Stats: 35 goals, 65 assists in 65 GP

Pre-Draft Rankings

The Athletic, Wheeler (Midseason): 2nd

Sportsnet (April): 4th

TSN, McKenzie (Midseason): 4th

Central Scouting (North American Skaters): 4th

What’s to like?

Savoie is a very good skater with great speed and consistently wins races to pucks. Once he has the puck on his stick he has great stick-handling ability along with exceptional vision which allows him to create for himself and his teammates. As far as Savoie’s shot, goes he has a really good one that can be effective; however, the complaint is that he does not shoot enough. His first instinct is always going to be to pass, but perhaps with the right coaching and linemates he could develop into a bit more of a scorer.

Defensively, he is not a bad player by any means. He has an active stick that can lead to deflections and takeaways. Additionally, while he is not the biggest player, he always seems willing to try and help in the corner and along the boards.

What’s not to like?

Savoie definitely has some flaws in his game; however, the positive is that most of these flaws are all ones that could be fixed with the right coaching. With that being said, the one thing you cannot correct is height. Savoie’s size does not bother me, nor do I think it should bother others, but some people will see this as a reason to pass on him.

Offensively, the only knocks on Savoie are that he doesn’t shoot enough, and his even strength points per 60 are lower than most other top prospects. However these things can be fixed with coaching and good linemates. Defensively scouts will say that while he is solid and active in the defensive zone, that can sometimes lead to issues with puck watching and puck chasing. This can lead to him getting out of position and leaving his teammates in tough spots.

How would he fit in the Flyers system?

It is tough to say where Savoie would slot in with the Flyers. I do not think he is NHL ready and does need another year or two of development. Additionally, because of the speed he plays the game it is important to give him linemates that can keep up with him both physically and mentally. Although he is listed as a center, he can also play wing, which takes a lot of pressure off of him in the defensive zone and allows him to use his elite offensive talent. While a guy like Shane Wright is the safe player who is good in all aspects of the game, Savoie is a bit more of a risk but has potential to be a 80 or 90 point player in the NHL if given the right opportunity.

Could the Flyers actually get him?

Yes, the Flyers could definitely have a chance of getting him in the draft. The top three picks seems to be pretty unanimous among most people in the hockey universe. Furthermore, lately it seems as though Savoie has been dropping down some people’s draft board. Therefore the determining factor will be what the Seattle Kraken do with their fourth overall pick.


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