Some pick potential

The Flyers have had a bad roster lately. That's undeniable. The forward core is polarizing, and the defense is mostly unhelpful to Hart and/or Sandstrom, so let's look at some potential picks.

Dave Jiricek

The frontrunner for the pick, Dave Jiricek has been staying at 5th or 6th on most draft boards. Sure, Simon Nemec would look attractive if he somehow falls (it's a slim chance), but even then, Jiricek is still a better pick in my opinion. Dave Jiricek's stats of 29-5-6-11 look good for a teenager in a Czech league, and his 49 PIMs and strong physical abilities give him promise as a MacKenzie Weegar-ish puck-moving rock. He could have 35-45 points a year plus a needed physicality to the blueline, plus a decent slapshot. However, Jiricek still eludes the Flyers of a Power Play QB, as his passing is just average for a defensemen, plus some decision-making issues means maybe a few years could get him to peak form. Luckily, he could be on the Flyers.

Matt Savoie

90 points in 65 games at the WHL level is quite impressive. Savoie has an energetic flavor to him, and is a top-tier offensive player fit for the wing. He has decent mobility, and very impressive decision-making, knowing when to stretch the ice and draw players in or give and go the puck. And considering the lackluster wing play of the Flyers, Savoie is human caffeine for the Flyers. However, he has some work to put ahead of him in his own zone, and some defense is needed.

Joakim Kemell

2.56 goals per game. That's the Flyers' total. Joakim Kemell can help that. Kemell is a nice sniper, with a historic start to his Liiga campaign projecting him as a Top 3 pick, with a well-rounded game. Kemell has a fiery-motivated spirit, loving to throw his wright around and play puck battles. Kemell, like Savoie, is human caffeine, and his responsible and physical defense plus power-play presence is just the thing the Flyers needed. However, his up and down play and spotty passing makes him a risky pick. The Flyers could be getting a Patrik Laine-like player.

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