Last Call: Play Fantasy Hockey for St. Jude's! (3 Weeks left!)

Morning friends!

Just dropping a follow up to my "Fantasy Hockey for St. Jude's" post from a few weeks ago.

It's the last call to join the league! The walk is in 2 weeks and the donations will be open thru the month. So that will be the official cutoff for the league.

BACKGROUND: In 2017, we gathered 17 people on here and played fantasy for St Jude's. The concept was simple: you donate and get an invite! Learn more below. I was blown away by the response from one little fan-post on here. It fizzled the next year so I took a few years off and kept it low key and then the pandemic hit and all and we kept it even lower key, but this year, I am rebooting it in a big way!

So, want to play fantasy hockey for a good cause?


1. Drop a donation to my walk, link here: Drop a donation to my walk at this link here.

2. Shoot me an email at and let me know you donated, your name and what email to send you an invite.

3. I send you an invite to the league.

4. Join and let's play!


- The League is H2H Points based on Yahoo.

- The Draft is the first week of October right before the season starts.

- No Prize: Just fantasy fun for a good cause!

QUESTIONS: Don't hesitate to email me at my email i mentioned above with questions, but don't wait as we only have 3 weeks left!

Thanks in advance!


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