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Sean Couturier Reportedly Healthy and Cleared


Ottawa Senators v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

In an offseason that has been practically devoid of any meaningful Flyers news, we have a positive announcement about one of the team’s key players.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Couturier was positive on his offseason recovery from back surgery he had in February that took him out of action for the remainder of the 2021-22 season.

“I’m a guy who wants to get back out there quicker than I should be,” Couturier noted, and it’s understandable that the former Selke winner would want to come back sooner than later given his industrious nature. However, for a player who has missed 103 games over the last three seasons, having Couturier back with him feeling like himself is the more important factor rather than just his presence. Therefore, it is relieving to hear Couturier say that he “feel[s] good now.”

“As I understand it, the issue should not crop up again,” he followed up.

Couturier was also asked about the Flyers’ offseason, to which he responded as you would expect he would.

“We don’t seem to have on paper maybe that big superstar or big name guy but I think as a team we can come together and do some damage and prove everyone wrong,” he noted, following up that “I don’t think there’s going to be any teams bullying us around anymore,” in reference to the additions of Nic Deslauriers and Tony DeAngelo.

If the Flyers are going to make any noise at all this year, Couturier will need to be a major factor in turning around the bleak outcomes we’ve assigned this team in apprehension. With Claude Giroux’s absence, Couturier is perhaps now the de-facto leader of this team in the room, and it will be up to him to take the reins and put his stamp on the Metropolitan Division.