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Flyers (Drinking) Bingo: How else are we supposed to enjoy this team?

If you’re gonna watch the games, you might as well have some fun and embrace the Flyers’ quirks—and maybe forget this season happened at all.

New Jersey Devils v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

This team is bad. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it—except maybe the front office, for some reason. How many points out of the playoffs are we now?

Anyway, having a Philadelphia Flyers game on in the background while you do more productive things isn’t the worst way to spend your evening. I recently thought, “There must be a way to make this more enjoyable,” and while writing a recap I had my own eureka moment: Flyers (Drinking) Bingo. So simple. So brilliant. Please clap.

The Game

Clicking here generates a random Bingo card for you. Some of these squares are memes. Some are in-game events. Others are announcer quirks. I tried to pick things that occur with enough frequency that you get Bingo in the course of a single game, but that really depends on the mood of the Flyers that night. You don’t have to drink to play, obviously, but man, it does make these games a bit easier to watch. The rules are simple:

  1. Take a drink whenever one of the events happens, and mark it on the card.
  2. Finish your drink if you get Bingo. Or do a shot. This is the city of Citywides, after all.
  3. Repeat every time you get Bingo.
  4. Count up the number of Bingos you get and, if you’re playing with a group, decide on a prize. With any luck, you’ll wake up spry and cheerful with no recollection that the Flyers even played a hockey game the previous night.

All of the squares should be relatively self explanatory, except maybe one: “How big?” “Huge.” This one’s kind of a joke within my family, and now I will share it with all of you. It seems every time the studio crew asks a question, it starts “How big was _____?” and everyone inevitably responds, “It was huge.” Everything that happens on the ice is “huge.” “That was a huge save.” “What a huge play!” “That goal by TK in the second was huge for us.” Now you too, dear reader, will never not notice the overuse of the word “huge” in Flyers broadcasts.

Are there any quirks you notice during each broadcast? Let me know in the comments! These cards are sort of a first iteration, and I might update them at some point if we as a community come up with some fun ones. Hopefully by next season we have some more positive things to mark off!

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