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Friday Morning Fly By: Still the main character

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes…

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NHL: Anaheim Ducks at Philadelphia Flyers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

*A loss to a team as bad as the Blackhawks is precisely what the Flyers needed. Snap out of it, everyone still sucks and should be fired. Anyhoo... RECAP!

*Great news though, everyone on earth is still talking about stupid Ivan Provorov! Mostly because John Tortorella sat in front of the media and gave a bunch of comments that most people listening didn’t like. [The Athletic]

*Torts said he did nothing wrong. Which, you know, that’s one stance to take. [NBC Sports Philly]

*It was in fact a “doubling down” of sorts, which you can either interpret as Tortorella’s agreement with his actions or Tortorella’s unwavering support of the players on his hockey team. [Inquirer]

*But if we could turn the focus to the fans for a moment, in particular those members of the queer community who were in attendance on Pride Night, maybe we’ll get a better understanding of why it’s a bigger deal than just not wearing a shirt. [BSH]

*And if you’re wondering just how, precisely, this turned into such a cluster? Good thing we have Charlie to find out. [The Athletic]

*Okay, to the hockey. Stick with us here: the Flyers have the best bottom-six in hockey. [BSH]

*And finally, a brand new Flyperbole! You’ll never guess what The Boys talked about. No really, you’ll never. [BSH]