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Friday Morning Fly By: We love a good loss

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes…

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Philadelphia Flyers v Carolina Hurricanes Photo by Josh Lavallee/NHLI via Getty Images

*Heck of a game by Felix Sandstrom last night, huh friends? And the rest of the Flyers found a way to mostly hang with the Very Good Carolina Hurricanes. And they still lost in regulation. That’s what we love to see right now! RECAP!

*We got to see the NHL debut of Tyson Foerster last night, that’s fun! Eliot Desnoyers came back up too; also fun! [Inquirer]

*He’s been killing it down in the AHL and has been ready for this opportunity for quite a while. [Inquirer]

*With Shayne Gostisbehere coming back in to town with his new team, it felt like a good time to examine the way Flyers ruin their own talent. [BSH]

*Friedman keeps posting 32 Thoughts in the middle of the night now so just in case you missed it, here you are. Some Flyers things contained within. [Sportsnet]

*If the Flyers decide to improve the team this summer (debatable they will do that, given the uh... state of things), there are a few college free agents they could think about looking into. [BSH]

*In case you want to take a look at the Russian kid that could maybe possibly fall to the Flyers if they stop winning games and people keep being scared of drafting a Russian kid. [Second City Hockey]

*Here’s a nice concise run through of how each Metro team fared at the deadline, and how the Division looks as a result. [Canes Country]

*Speaking of the deadline, this is a really interesting look in the minutia that a player has to deal with once that last-minute trade call comes through. [The Athletic]

*And finally, in the ultimate exercise in end-of-season futility, we graded each and every one of Chuck Fletcher’s moves. He’s a real potato, friends. [BSH]