JVR Not Traded! What Did the Flyers Miss Out On?

Many reports said the Flyers were seeking a third round pick in return for JVR with 50% retained cap hit. As we all know, Fletcher couldn't make a deal. So, what did we miss out on? Here's a list of all the Flyers third round picks from 2000 to 2020:

Year Player NHL Games
2020 None
2019 Ronald Attard 15
2018 None
2017 Kirill Ustimenko 0
2016 Carsen Twarynski 22
2015 Felix Sandstrom 16

Matej Tomek 0
2014 Mark Friedman 53
2013 Tyrell Goulbourne 11
2012 Shayne Gostisbehere 516
2011 Nick Cousins 504
2010 Michael Chaput 182
2009 Adam Morrison 0

Simon Bertilsson 0
2008 Marc-Andre Bourdon 45

Jacob Deserres 0
2007 Garrett Klotz 0
2006 Jon Matsumoto 14
2005 Oskars Bartulis 66
2004 Rob Bellamy 0
2003 Colin Fraser 359

Stefan Ruzicka 55

Alexandre Picard 253

Ryan Potulny 126

Rick Kozak 0
2002 None
2001 Patrick Sharp 939
2000 Alexander Drozdetsky 0

There are also two names worth mentioning in the 1990s:

1993 Vinny Prospal 1108
1990 Chris Therien 764

While I agree with the "Fletcher is Lousy" crowd (for other reasons), I'm not sure losing out on the third round pick is as dire as folks are saying. Most third round picks don't make it to the NHL, and few play over 100 games and impact their team.

Still, a third round pick could bring a Patrick Sharp or Vinny Prospal. Getting a deal done would have been better than the "Nothing" Fletcher and the Flyers ended up with.

Other non-Flyers third round picks have had fantastic NHL careers like Kris Letang, Brad Marchand, Jake Guentzel, Brayden Point, and Adam Fox. So, there is always a chance to land an important player, but that chance is probably pretty small.

I wonder if Fletcher (the worst negotiator ever) would have even gotten a third round pick, It is possible the Red Wings offer wasn't even that good. I miss Ed Snyder. The Flyers being owned by a cable television corporation has not been much fun.

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