Travis Hughes

Kelly Hinkle

Kelly has been with BSH for what feels like 84 years and she is very tired. She loves hockey, specifically the Flyers.

Kurt R.

Madeline Campbell

weird / wearied / worried BSH 2.0's prospect writer, data tracker, ace reporter, #1 Book Bitch in residence.

Geoffrey Detweiler

Charlie O'Connor

Mike Dusak

Charm City

I work at a college as a janitor even though I feel like I'm smarter than most of the people who go there—sometimes I see an equation written on a blackboard half an equation and…just figure it out.

Craig Forsythe

Bill Matz

Kyle Frey

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Drew Meyer

Thomas Williams

Big time doofus.

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Joseph DeMarini

Philadelphia, PA

You can call me Joe. Outside of hockey, you'll either find me at a concert, or slowly turning my kitchen into my own personal cocktail bar & restaurant.

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Kyle Phillippi

Shaun Kreider

SB Nation NHL Staff

Em Rupp

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Jacob Russell


I made the wrong decision when I was 5, and it led me here.

Joe Boustany

Lafayette, LA

lawyer | hockey fan | people watcher

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Johan Gärtner

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Drew Meyer


Flyers writer since 2018, once shook Kimmo Timonen’s hand


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SB Nation Staff

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Meseret H


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Marcello De Feo

Web Developer

Self-proclaimed cutlet aficionado with too much of South Philly in my driving style. Newfound tea enthusiast. Lover of the Filoni/Favreau Star Wars Universe.