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Kurt R. is an associate editor at Broad Street Hockey. He is not actually Claude Giroux, regardless of what his Internet persona to the left might indicate.

Flyers Top 25 Under 25, No. T-24: Ivan Fedotov

The seventh-rounder from 2015 has had a slow path to prospect relevance, but his recent success at the KHL level got him to the final spot on our rankings.

Flyers Top 25 Under 25: Introduction

After a long, weird pause, the 25 Under 25 is back for your and our enjoyment.

Submit your rankings for our Flyers Top 25 Under 25!

Folks ... it is back.

Flyperbole: Chuck has been busy

The healing wonders of Philadelphia will set Risto right

NHL Draft 2021 Round 1: Open Thread

There may not be much Flyers talk tonight, but there’s a draft still happening.

Flyers trade Phil Myers, Nolan Patrick for Ryan Ellis

Well, there’s your first big move on defense.

Aspiring Krakens: Jakub Voracek

The second-longest-tenured Flyer is going to be exposed in expansion. Could he be on Seattle’s radar?

Aspiring Krakens: James van Riemsdyk

Could the Flyers lose one of their most productive forwards from 2021 in the expansion draft?

Flyperbole: Home is where the Hearst is

But the real Hearst is the friends we made along the way

The Flyers are not trading Claude Giroux to Ottawa this offseason

I can’t believe I’m writing this.