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Kurt R. is an associate editor at Broad Street Hockey. He is not actually Claude Giroux, regardless of what his Internet persona to the left might indicate.

Flyers vs. Devils game thread

The Devils are good again and everything is pain.

Flyers vs. Lightning game thread

It’s time to start a winning streak, folks. (Maybe not.)

Flyers vs. Islanders game thread

Sure, let’s try this again...

Flyers at Islanders game thread

Will it reach ten yet again? Let’s find out.

Flyers vs. Penguins game thread

Can the Flyers end the losing streak in their first game of the year against Pittsburgh?

Happy Thanksgiving, Flyers fans!

We all have stuff to be thankful for. Yes, even you.

Flyers at Capitals game thread

The Walking Dead, airing tonight on TNT!

Flyers vs. Flames game thread

The Not Johnny Gaudreau Game.

Flyers at Canadiens game thread

A true battle of the titans tonight in Montreal.

Flyers at Bruins game thread

This might not go well.