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Kurt R. is an associate editor at Broad Street Hockey. He is not actually Claude Giroux, regardless of what his Internet persona to the left might indicate.

Flyers vs. Sabres preview: There’s a low point coming

We’re just not sure whose low point it’s going to be.

Blue Jackets 2, Flyers 1: History has been made

Well, probably. Kind of assuming that this is history because it seems hard to imagine that it isn’t.

Sharks 3, Flyers 2: How to lose a game in 20 minutes

Nothing happened, then a lot happened. It was mostly not good.

Flyperbole: COVID frustrations are boiling over

But we do talk about the time the Flyers got on stage with Nickelback

Flyperbole: The many winters of our discontent

Hey kids, let’s rank the coaches from the past 20 years!

Devils 3, Flyers 0: Unperfect 10

That might not be a word. But there might not be a word for whatever it is the Flyers are doing right now.

Flyperbole: The Drip Detail

Webster’s defines drip as...

Flyperbole: Too much Mayo

As yet another computer-generated NHL player is revealed.

The Flyers got a rare, easy win last night

Well, "easy" is relative, but that was a blowout the likes of which we didn’t see much of last season.

Canucks 5, Flyers 4 (SO): Like last year, but somehow more entertaining

Flashes of brilliance, frustration, incredible misfortune, a furious rally to tie it, and a shootout loss. We’re back, babies.