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Kurt R. is an associate editor at Broad Street Hockey. He is not actually Claude Giroux, regardless of what his Internet persona to the left might indicate.

Flyers at Ducks game thread

The Flyers sweeping the California road trip this season of all seasons would admittedly be kinda funny.

Flyers at Kings game thread

Closing out the year in California.

Flyers at Sharks game thread

And we’re baaaaaack.

Flyers at Hurricanes game thread

One last storm before the break.

Flyers at Maple Leafs game thread

How does this affect the Maple Leafs?

Flyers vs. Blue Jackets game thread

South Jersey’s finest, back home...

Flyers vs. Rangers game thread

Back home once again.

Flyers at Devils game thread

0-for-the-road-trip? Let’s find out!

Flyers at Avalanche game thread

I am begging you, just not another overtime loss. Literally anything else.

Flyers at Coyotes game thread

Inside The Mullett.