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Kurt R. is an associate editor at Broad Street Hockey. He is not actually Claude Giroux, regardless of what his Internet persona to the left might indicate.

Which risks will Fletcher be willing to take this offseason?

As the Flyers approach the offseason with some limited flexibility, they’re going to have to take some chances. It’s up to Chuck Fletcher to take the right ones.

BSH playoff predictions: North and Central

It’s prediction time (part two)!

BSH playoff predictions: East and West

It’s prediction time!

Who should win the Flyers’ team awards?

It’s been a season to forget, but there are a few real individual positives.

Devils 4, Flyers 1: There’s still time (for things to get worse)

The Flyers aren’t good at much this season, but they’re great slumpbusters.

The Two O’Clock Number: $1,088.92

There have been a lot of goals in Flyers games this season, in ways that are so beyond comprehension that even oddsmakers haven’t quite been able to efficiently capture it.

Islanders 1, Flyers 0 (OT): Listen, you said you wanted defense

The Flyers only gave up one goal! That’s the good news. As for the bad news ...

Just do whatever you have to do to not be miserable

Root for whatever you want, pals. Just don’t make other people feel like crap about it, because this season has already done that to us.

Can the Flyers “grind out” an extension with Laughton before the trade deadline?

Laughton has now become the central storyline of the Flyers’ trade deadline.

Flyperbole: Trade Deadline Daze

April deadlines bring the playoffs