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BSH Radio #373: Finally someone asks, who should be the Captain? 

In which there is actual hockey to talk about!

BSH Radio #372: Well, he’ll give you minutes

In which the gang talks the latest ridiculous setback.

As the season approaches, how are we actually feeling?

Do you have any confidence in this team?

BSH Radio #371: Are we going too hard on this team?

In which the gang considers that the players might be on to something.

BSH Radio #368: We’re still on Justin Braun 

In which the gang takes your questions, for funsies.

BSH Radio #367: It’s August and I am living

In which the gang continues with the Ice Sport by going out West.

BSH Radio #365: They’re done, fam

In which the gang settles into the end of the offseason for the Flyers.

BSH Radio #364: The man with the plan

In which the gang talks Chuck’s grand scheme.

Flyperbole: Brace Yourselves, the 2022 Draft Party is Coming

We will not get our hopes up for Johnny Hockey, we will not get our hopes up for Johnny Hockey...

BSH Radio #360: Step to the plate and swing, Chuck

In which the gang gets deep into their draft previewing.