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Let’s talk about what actually happened with Ivan Provorov

The narrative is spinning out of control faster than the Flyers are losing a top-five draft pick.

BSH Radio #386: Was Chuck Fletcher right? LOL no

In which the gang... enjoys? the Flyers??

BSH Radio #384: These are the Hayes of our lives

In which the gang dives into the drama.

BSH Radio #382: It’s Chuck’s reality and we’re all just suffering through it

In which the gang gets into some quotes.

Happy Thanksgiving, Flyers fans!

We all have stuff to be thankful for. Yes, even you.

BSH Radio #380: No blocks but we’ve got some stones

Happy Thanksgiving, fam!

BSH Radio #379: The sucking isn’t the story

The gang is celebrating their 300th episode together! How fun!

BSH Radio #376: We’re just doing fun

In which the gang talks through what the first two games tell us about this team.

BSH Radio #375: Prediction? PAIN!

In which the gang talks lineup and expectations.

BSH Radio #373: Finally someone asks, who should be the Captain? 

In which there is actual hockey to talk about!