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BSH Radio #338: Ghosts of GMs Past

Man, F*ck Hextall

BSH Radio #337: Everything is great!

Eat at Arby’s.

The Broad Street Hockey Festivus party is postponed

We cannot safely gather to expel our grievances and it’s crap.

This stream has:

Alain Vigneault fired

The head coach is out, assistant coach Michele Thereien is out, what now?

BSH Radio #333: Someone, anyone, do something

In which the gang yells a lot. Sorry.

Flyperbole: The French Mike Connection

I just need to go in my lucky spot...

BSH Radio #331: No offense, but...

In which the gang is equal parts criticism and praise.

BSH Radio #330: Respect the drip 

In which the gang evaluates the team through ten.

BSH Radio #329: Seven’s the key number here

In which the gang gets a little serious before getting a little goofy.

BSH Radio #328: We want The Animal! 

In which the gang gets ready for the season’s first road trip.