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Claude Giroux Doesn't Give A Damn

G wants to celebrate his goal with the Predators

G doesn't discriminate. Celebrate with your team, celebrate with the opposition, just celebrate!

Claude Giroux knows how to celebrate a win

O Captain! My Captain!

Giroux has more swag than most people can handle

Are you for real with these cuffs, G? That's amazing.

Giroux's shootout move is now called the G Thing

Also, on at least one occasion a coach has told him to stop trying so hard.

WATCH: G is good at catching food in his mouth

He's eight for eight.

Giroux was just so happy to be in the penalty box

Over there, on the right. What a smile.

G's New Year's resolution: 'More grilled cheese'

Also, he drew a banana for some reason.

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Bless Claude Giroux and bless his 80s costume

I love Claude Giroux because he is the best.

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Claude Giroux, from nearby Hearst, is partying in Ottawa for the summer again

Claude, we talked about this! Remember when you grabbed a cop on the butt in Ottawa last summer and Tim Panaccio scolded you? You're not allowed in Ottawa during the offseason anymore. It's too close to home and all you do is party!

Here's our official take on Claude Giroux's antics, btw. Unacceptable.

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Claude Giroux on the Stanley Cup Final: "I hope they both lose"

"I don't really follow [the Stanley Cup Final]. I hope they both lose, but I don't know, I don't think that's going to happen."
From Claude Giroux's interview w...

Giroux celebrates gold with beer, no clothes

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Claude Giroux is the best dancer on Team Canada

At least by his own admission. He's probably right, though. Also: he likes dessert, and easily looks better than some of his Canadian teammates. Most of his Canadian teammates? Probably.

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Giroux, Jagr still have the world's best bromance

From Monday at the IIHF World Championships, just after Claude Giroux and Team Canada defeated Jaromir Jagr and the Czechs.

Jagr = best. Update: the original embed code is broken, but you can view this here.

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Claude Giroux wants your foot behind that line, sir

Don't you dare jump over that line, Sean Monahan. Not on Claude Giroux's watch.

Previously in "Claude Giroux Doesn't Give A Damn: ... Wiping boogers on officials ... Eating other player's jerseys ... Grabbing cops on the butt.

h/t @BradyTrett

Media trying to strip Giroux's captaincy again

The Flyers fell out of the playoff race this week. It didn't even take two days for the bored Philly media to write about how awful Claude Giroux is as a captain.

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Claude Giroux is bleeding through his sock

He was cut by a skate on his ankle on January 2. Tough dude.

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Claude Giroux is eating other players' jerseys now

One game he's wiping boogers (or whatever) on the officials, and now he's out here other player's uniforms. Claude just does what he wants.

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Did Claude Giroux wipe a booger on an official?

Acting out against authority again, Claude?

You can be the judge.

Philly media predictably outraged at Claude Giroux

We've seen this song and dance before.

Exclusive: Details emerge on #buttgate

Eyewitness accounts affirm that an appletini caused the NHL superstar to go on a clutchtime laden butt grabbing spree.

Giroux arrested in Ottawa: report

He grabbed the butt of a male police officer, reports say.

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People have written 861,000 words about sexual fantasies with Claude Giroux

The cover story in this week's Philadelphia CityPaper is... well, interesting.