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Flyers draftee Travis Sanheim said Brayden Schenn has no talent


Bruce Bennett

Travis Sanheim was a Penguins fan. I'm sure that changed on Friday night when he was selected in the first round by the Flyers, but he was a Penguins fan. And that includes during that ridiculous 2012 playoff series.

Sanheim was sitting at home watching those six games. And he was tweeting. Oh no.

Sanheim deleted those tweets at some point on Friday night or Saturday morning, but the Internet never forgets. Obviously this doesn't really mean anything anyway; he just a 16 year old watching his favorite team against a hated rival. He didn't know he was calling a future teammate a duster (sits on the bench and collects dust) with no talent. Still funny.

Anyway, these aren't even the most offensive tweets in his timeline. It's obviously this one: