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2015 NHL draft: Philadelphia Flyers select goalie Matej Tomek with No. 90 pick

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A second goalie.

One goalie, two goalie. Red goalie, blue goalie. With the 90th pick in the 2015 NHL Draft, the Philadelphia Flyers have selected Matej Tomek of Slovakia. He's the second goaltender taken in the third round here for the Flyers and he's committed to play college hockey at the University of North Dakota.

Hakstol connection!

Here's a scouting report on him from SBN College Hockey, written back in September.

He's listed at 6-3 180 lbs(given the eyeball test, I'd say that's fairly close to accurate; he's maybe a little skinnier than that) , so he's got outstanding size for a pro goalie prospect. As far as playing style, Tomek is a straight butterfly-style goalie. You can tell from his stance in the above picture, as well as this one, he uses extra long leg pads, with the left pad crossing over the right at the top, which allows him to take away space in his five hole when he goes down into his butterfly. He stands with a strong, wide base and is very quick to get down into his butterfly, making it nearly impossible to beat him low. His body always seemed very balanced and under control, allowing him to use all his size to his advantage when he's down in his butterfly. He's very meticulous and precise in all of his movements, without looking too stiff and mechanical.

Here are his stats:

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