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Inside the Flyers' draft strategy: How they traded up to pick Travis Konecny at No. 24

Here's how the Flyers' draft day trade to move up and grab Travis Konecny happened.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

There's a great article over at McKeen's Hockey today, featuring an interview with Philadelphia Flyers scout Todd Hearty. He reveals a ton in the interview, including a big look at where the Flyers had some of the guys they drafted on their overall board, their drafting strategy, and more.

Also included is this bit on Travis Konecny, who the Flyers took with the No. 25 pick, acquired via trade with the Toronto Maple Leafs during the draft. The Flyers packaged the No. 29 pick with the No. 61 pick to get Konecny.

Here's Hearty on the strategy with that second first-round pick the team held:

"We were at 29. We debated waiting to see if Konecny or Nick Merkley were there, but I think we felt as a group that Konecny had the better upside even though we loved Merkley. Konecny has more upside; he's a quicker skater, they're both character guys." ... "Winnipeg was taking him next (at 25).  I'm surprised that Toronto didn't take him, the connection is there, he's from London, as is Mark Hunter. I'm sure they debated that. For whatever reason they didn't take him...He's just such a great asset though. He's got the most upside of any of those smaller guys. Who knows what he is...I hear Pat Verbeek (from some), maybe he's (Zach) Parise....maybe he's one of those (type of) guys."

Hearty also revealed that Konecny -- who, again, went 24th overall -- was ranked at No. 11 on the Flyers' board. Here at Broad Street Hockey, we had him at No. 14 on our board.

It's also interesting to hear that they had interest in Nick Merkley, who wound up going at No. 30 to the Coyotes. We'll see in five years if Konecny was the right pick over Merkley.

h/t Dustin Leed