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Philadelphia Flyers Midterm Top 25 Under 25, No. 6: Samuel Morin

We're coming down to the wire. Our last player outside of the top five is Samuel Morin, 2013 first round pick and Professional Tall Person.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Samuel Morin

Birthdate: July 12, 1995 (age 18)
Acquired via: 2013 NHL Draft - Round 1, Pick 11
Current Team/League: Rimouski Oceanic, QMJHL
Nationality: Canadian (Lac-Beauport, PQ)
Size: 6'6", 203
Contract: $925,000 per year through 2018 (two-way, entry-level, two-year slide-rule pending)

Will the next Chris Pronger please stand up?

Ugh, I hate myself a little for that. Seriously though, there have been tons of people comparing Morin to Chris Pronger, but as we all know, that's pretty common for...well, just about every defensemen. Ever.

It doesn't matter who Chris Pronger's successor may be because Samuel Morin has been building up hope for the future of the Flyers blue-line all on his own. In the 2013 draft, management took defensemen more seriously than in previous years, and it seems like the use of their 11th overall pick in Samuel Morin says a lot about what they expect out of him.

If you haven't gotten a chance to see the episode of Flight Plan surrounding the 2013 draft (and by association, Samuel Morin), I suggest you watch it. It's a really interesting look into how scouts and brass work together in the drafting process, plus it gives you a first-hand look at what to expect when it comes to Morin's development.

"It's all great right now, I really like him," comments scout Todd Hearty. "I just...he's gotta get going, he still has a long way to go."

This is the prevailing notion on Morin: progress is necessary.

The table goes on to comment on Morin's strengths. His "ability to be aggressive", knowing "his game", and his "upside" are the focus of discussion.

Of course, he'll need work in order to live up to expectations, but what's sure is this: Samuel Morin has size on his side. He'll fill out more in the years to come which will inevitably improve his physical game. He's a strong skater with a long stride, which is definitely valuable. He's got a knack for passing out of his zone, and he's got a heavy slapshot. These are things that are highly touted (and rightly so) among defensemen.

Morin is a highly emotional player, though. Sometimes it works to his advantage, and sometimes it gets him into trouble. Most recently, Morin was suspended for two games after he broke his stick and then proceeded to toss it into the stands. TVA Sports has a video of the incident here, if you're so inclined. Pay attention to the blue-line on the right side, and you'll see Morin launch his stick with a fair bit of force. Yikes. Not his best moment.

Despite that incident, Morin is definitely in the running for the Oceanic's best defenseman. He's the second highest scoring defender. He knows when to get in deep and when to call for the puck. His positioning is excellent most of the time, and generally speaking, his instincts are very good.

Morin is the prototypical Flyers defender, if such a thing exists: he's big, he's angry, he doesn't shy away from a physical style of play, and ultimately, he wants to win. He has a great upside, though, and his offensive game is building.

He needs time, like a majority of young defensemen do, because his talent is raw. He needs to be taught discipline. Similarly, he needs to work on filling out, building up his strength.

When it comes down to it, there are a lot of questions when it comes to Samuel Morin. They all scream possibility and potential. No, possibility doesn't always pay off, but for a defensive pool that sometimes relies more on free agent frenzy than drafting, potential could be everything.

How we voted for Samuel Morin:

Albert Allison Charlie Collin Kelly Kevin Kurt Travis
7 8 8 12 9 7 6 5

Who we voted for at No. 6:

Albert Allison Charlie Collin Kelly Kevin Kurt Travis
Shayne Gostisbehere Tye McGinn Shayne Gostisbehere Anthony Stolarz Nick Cousins Anthony Stolarz Samuel Morin Shayne Gostisbehere