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Meet The Staff

The managing editor of Broad Street Hockey is Travis Hughes, a journalism student who lives and breathes Flyers' hockey. Born in Philadelphia, he is a fan of all Philadelphia sports, from the Flyers to the World Champion Phillies to the Kixx to Big Five Basketball.

He has lived in Southern New Jersey his entire life, and he can guarantee you that, no matter how badly they try to force it upon people, the Devils are not "Jersey’s Team". He has baby pictures in Flyers gear, recent pictures in Flyers gear, and he’ll have old man pictures in Flyers gear.

Travis also serves as hockey manager at SB Nation, where he oversees all 34 hockey-related blogs that are part of the network. In addition, he is editor of SBN's NHL front page and a co-host of Rink Side Radio, SBN Hockey's official radio program.

He started BSH in January of 2009.

Geoff Detweiler joined Broad Street Hockey in June 2009. He is in the third year of law school at Drexel University after graduating with a bachelor's degree in History and Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh in 2008. Currently, Geoff lives in Elkins Park, Pa. after growing up in Quakertown, Pa, 15 minutes south of Allentown. Despite neither parent being interested in sports, Geoff became a passionate fan of both the Flyers and the Phillies. Outside of that, he roots for everything Philadelphia, but only the Flyers and Phillies are able to ruin his mood with a poor performance.

As the degree suggests, Geoff is a huge political junkie. Eventually - after graduating Law School - Geoff wants to work on Capitol Hill assisting an honest man or woman serve their constituents. Previously, Geoff has volunteered on campaigns for Representative, Senator, Governor, and President as well as interning for a Senator and a Member of Parliament. Plus, anything you want to know about our 44 Presidents, Geoff most likely knows it. If you're curious, his favorite is James Knox Polk.

Ben Rothenberg also joined Broad Street Hockey in June of 2009, after spending the 2008-2009 season blogging at The Flyer Frequent, becoming an authority on hard-hitting topics like hockey fashion and accessories. He lives in Washington, DC in a house that boasts a Bernie Parent light switch cover. He knows you’re jealous. As far as other sports go, Ben is also a Baltimore Orioles fan, if for no other reason than that he owns massive quantities of orange and black.