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BSH Store -- Flyers Bracelets

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F-L-Y-E-R-S Bracelets

$25 usd with FREE shipping and handling

In conjunction with Art And Soul Design, we're offering these custom-made Flyers bracelets for the lady in your life. Or, for yourself, if you're a girl. Or even if you're a guy. We won't judge. The bracelets feature F-L-Y-E-R-S spelled out in pewter block lettering, surrounded by orange-and-black crystal beading.

Shipping is free. We'll ship to the US and Canada (and anywhere else for an extra fee)!

Note that since these are custom-made, your order must be placed separate from any t-shirt order you might make in our store.

CUSTOM DESIGNS ARE AVAILABLE. Shoot an email to either or to inquire about custom designs. We can do player names, different color beading, or, really, anything you can think of. Just ask.

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