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Eric Wellwood injury: Flyers prospect cut by skate, undergoes surgery (graphic photo)

Warning: There's a pretty graphic image below. Don't scroll down if you're eating.

Mike Stobe

Eric Wellwood suffered a horrifying injury during the Adirondack Phantoms' game Sunday vs. Bridgeport when he apparently took a skate to the lower leg, severing his tendon and causing vascular damage -- perhaps cutting an artery.

Given that it was behind the play and nobody saw it, it's possible that Wellwood fell into the boards and cut his own leg with his opposite skate. The Glens Falls Post-Star has more of the awful details:

The initial assessment revealed damage to the tendons and veins, but not any arteries. Later reports indicated that Wellwood may have cut an artery in his calf, where the artery splits into three pieces to the foot. Cutting one of those three pieces is not as dangerous as a main artery, but is still rather serious.

Phantoms defenseman Danny Syvret tweeted out a picture of Wellwood's skate post-injury, and if you're queasy or you're eating breakfast, you may not want to scroll down any further.

We can't imagine Wellwood plays again this year, of course, and let's just hope he's able to make a full recovery. These are the types of injuries that scare you far beyond just thinking about a hockey career, and they seem like they've happened more this year than in the past -- Erik Karlsson, Zach Redmond and now Wellwood.