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Andrew MacDonald clears waivers because he stinks, will be sent to Phantoms

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See ya, Andy.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, so on the bright side, Andrew MacDonald will be reunited with his first NHL coach when he gets up to Lehigh Valley Phantoms camp tomorrow. No NHL teams wanted to touch his terrible contract with a ten-foot pole, and he cleared waivers at noon today. The plan is to send him to the AHL.

Scott Gordon is the new coach of the Phantoms, and he also used to be the coach of the New York Islanders back when AMac was on the Island. So they'll be together again, and maybe they'll win a Calder Cup. I mean, for all of Andrew MacDonald's faults as an NHL player, he's probably a pretty good AHL defenseman, and he'll certainly be one of the highest-paid. He should help a Phantoms team that's suddenly become pretty darn deep with former NHL talent.

That said, some of his habits are really uhh, not good (i.e., bad). We'd hope that Gordon won't pair him up with any of the young prospects on the back end, because in all honesty, despite his NHL experience I don't want AMac teaching talented kids how to play NHL hockey.

Keep Samuel Morin and Shayne Gostisbehere together. Keep Robert Hagg with Mark Alt, or whatever the plan is there. Davis Drewiske is there of course as well and could form a fine third-pair for the Phantoms. Davis Drewiske is there and he and AMac could form a fine third-pair for the Phantoms. Veteran defenseman Matt Lashoff is in Phantoms camp on a PTO as well.

Ha, how about that? AMac is going to be make $5 million per year to (probably) be the fifth defenseman, on an AHL team. What a time to be alive. The Flyers will get $950,000 in salary cap savings with him in the Lehigh Valley.