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Terry Murray hired by Buffalo Sabres; won't coach Flyers or Phantoms next year

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The Lehigh Valley Phantoms need a new head coach.

Len Redkoles/Getty Images

There was a lot of talk earlier this offseason that Terry Murray, the former Flyers head coach that's been in charge of the Phantoms for the last several years, would join Dave Hakstol's staff as an assistant coach with the Philadelphia Flyers next season.

The logic was that Murray, a coach with years of NHL head coaching experience, would help Hakstol, the NHL newbie, adapt to the professional game and the issues that come along with it.

Nope. Not happening. Murray took a job with the Buffalo Sabres on Thursday, joining the staff of their new head coach, Dan Bylsma. Murray is the uncle of Sabres general manager Tim Murray, so there's a connection here.

This of course means that the Lehigh Valley Phantoms will need a new head coach next season as well.

report from the Daily News last month indicated that Erie Otters coach Kris Knoblauch was a candidate for that job, but Knoblauch said he never interviewed for it. The DN also reported that Phantoms assistant coach and former Flyers enforcer Riley Cote is a candidate for the opening.