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Phantoms coach Scott Gordon once rapped about winning the Beanpot, then lost

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They did the Beanpot Trot .... and then they lost the Beanpot.

The Phantoms hired former Islanders head coach Scott Gordon to be their new head coach on Monday morning. Gordon has been in coaching for a long time, most recently as an assistant with the Toronto Maple Leafs, but his hockey career started close to home for the Massachusetts native: as a goalie for three seasons with the Boston College Eagles.

From 1983 until 1986, Gordon was the starting goalie for the Eagles, one of college hockey's most storied programs. BC has always been cocky when it comes to hockey -- I like to think of their fans as the Duke of NCAA puck -- but 1986 was really the pinnacle.

Before the Beanpot -- yes, before -- the team put together this incredible rap video called the "Beanpot Trot," touting their excellence and their expected Beanpot victory. It leaked to the local media early and the rest is history.

Between the Boston accents and the unbelievable track suits, this thing is an absolute gem. Oh, and then there's the part where Boston University beat them 4-1 in the Beanpot championship game.

Here's Gordon's part:

My name is Gordon, they call me Flash.
Quick with the glove, always on the dash.
And when they score, it's never a lot.
I'm just here to split and do the Beanpot Trot.

A video posted by Travis Hughes (@thughes721) on

Here's the full video:

In 2012, Boston College blog BC Interruption called the 'Beanpot Trot' one of the most regrettable fan videos ever. We expect the first question at Gordon's introductory press conference in Allentown (if that's even a thing) to be about this.

h/t Sean Leahy