Cam Talbot is suing the Philadelphia Flyers

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The Flyers are running Cam Talbot into the ground.

The 31-year-old netminder’s attorney, Steve Hartnell, confirmed exclusively to Broad Street Hockey that Talbot will sue the Flyers for overtime pay and that a workers compensation claim will also be filed on behalf of his client.

Talbot has played in three of the Flyers’ 21 games since being acquired by the Flyers on Feb. 15 for fellow goaltender Anthony Stolarz. The veteran has claimed that playing in 150 minutes of the Flyers’ some 1,260-plus minutes (Less than .12%) during that span has left the goaltender physically exhausted.

But not only has Talbot felt the pain physically, but the netminder has also felt immense mental stress during the 48 days he’s spent with the Flyers organization. His attorney has cited the relationship with 20-year-old Carter Hart as much of Talbot’s stress and mental anguish of late.

Talbot declined to comment for this story, citing the emotional stress during this difficult time, but his attorney was able to provided great detail of the netminder’s plight.

Talbot, who has started just two games in Orange and Black, owns a ghastly .895 save percentage to go along with a 3.32 goals-against average in 34 games this season with the Oilers and Flyers.

Flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher traded for Talbot in part because of the goalie’s previous relationship with the Flyers rookie phenom, but Talbot’s attorney claims that the fame and notoriety has gone to Hart’s head in a short period of time.

“Carter Hart is a bully,” Hartnell told BSH. “People don’t realize that he’s made Cam his personal whipping boy since he got off the tarmac in February. We were excited to come here, but we learned quickly that Carter isn’t the same guy who Cam trained with and helped out so much last summer.”

From chiding the veteran’s full name —which is Camuel— to eliminating him in team-wide Fortnite battles before anyone else on purpose, Talbot has been living in a personal hell with Hart since arriving in Philadelphia in mid-February.

Hart declined to comment on this story as he was reached while attending a Fortnite support group for Flyers prospect German Rubstov.

The situation paints a very different picture of Hart than that of the boyish savior of Flyers hockey in the last few months: far different than the charitable, approachable, and affable 20-year-old who has literally done nothing wrong in the eyes of Flyers fans in that time.

And while the Flyers clearly have some issues behind closed doors, they’re staring down a lawsuit that Talbot’s attorney calls a “It’s a slam dunk, like the kind of dunking that Carter has been doing on Cam all along.”

Apparently it’s not always sunny in the crease of Philadelphia.

This story is definitely 100% true and you’ll want to stay with BSH as we continue to follow and update this developing story as more information comes available.


LOL – Camuel!

I’ve already filed a counter suit for the $1.93 (estimated) that Cam owes me for my NHL Live subscription fee wasted on the 3 games I was forced to watch him play.

Are they going to bite? Place your bets…

April Fools Joke

This is a joke right, this is a setup?

reply fail

I bit until I read "Carter Hart is a bully." That’s what made me stop and think, surely our golden son would be no such thing.

"Shayne Gostisbehere demands trade" would have been a much spicier April Fool’s joke

Or a Sam Morin lawsuit for lack of use

Sam Morin lawsuit for team not providing second breakfast on game days …

Who wrote this article? Sidd Finch?

Rec for the reference Eyma

My college roommate was a Mets fan when I read the article. I lost my mind he was already unbearable

I came across this statement about the case from flyers reps:

After introductions and exchange of legal documents the litigation began. Mr. Talbot’s legal representation laid their case with the facts as researched by an neutral party provided by the NHLPA. Representatives from the Philadelphia Flyers’ organization acknowledged the evidence and provided counter points to their claim. When it became evident that the litigation was heading towards a settlement, the Flyers’ representative posed the question of what an acceptable, appropriate amount of compensation would be. Mr. Talbot looked at the Flyers’ legal representatives and stated: "That’ll be about tree fiddy."

Well it was about this time we noticed that Cam Talbot was about 8 stories tall and was a crustacean from the protozoic era!

Speaking for the organization, the Flyers’ head legal representative responded to Mr. Talbot’s claim, stating, "God Dammit Loch Ness Monster, I ain’t gonna give you no tree fiddy. "

Paul Holmgren: Well it was about this time I noticed that this goaltender was about 8 stories tall and was a crustacean from the paleolithic era and I said

I wish this had been written with Camuel suing for underuse; might have gotten me for more than the headline

12%. Not .12%. Unless that’s part of the joke. Also, lol.

This is gold!!!


…Steve Hartnell

pretty sure the goalie position in philly is just cursed, like the defense against the dark arts spot from harry potter

Don’t bring that negativity around our Prodigal Son, Carter Hart.

Ilya Bryzgalov also filled a lawsuit yesterday against the Flyers for not playing him and against Paul Holmgren.

Does Homer have the disease called goalemania that is fatal? It is an obsession to get every goalie you can and then play them for one or two games before burying them in the monorail. Bryzgalov will drop the suit if he can play one last game for the Flyers. Bryz has been playing for the Flyer’s Siberian franchise for the last ten years. Bryzgalov also is angry that he is underpaid and the remaining eight years on his contract at $1.4M a year, make him look like a fool. For this reason, his lawyer feels he has a good case against Holmgren.

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