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BSH Radio

BSH Radio #382: It’s Chuck’s reality and we’re all just suffering through it

In which the gang gets into some quotes.

Flyperbole: A.I. Artificial Idiot

The guys search for Meat Read.

BSH Radio #381: Pushing all the buttons

In which the gang dives into rumors and such.

MacEwen and Deslauriers ended the 10-game losing streak

BSH Postgame Podcast: W, 3-1 vs. Islanders

BSH Radio #380: No blocks but we’ve got some stones

Happy Thanksgiving, fam!

Flyperbole - Don’t Break My Hart

Love to eat turkey, like a good boy should.

Flyperbole: Circling the drain

Like Tortorella once said, "ain’t that a kick in the head?"

That’s probably more like it

Postgame 11/17: L, 4-1 @ Bruins

BSH Radio #379: The sucking isn’t the story

The gang is celebrating their 300th episode together! How fun!

Might be a long seven years

Postgame 11/10: L, 5-2 @ Columbus

BSH 300: Give Me Tyrell Goulbourne (1/3/18)

This episode is a 62-minute Best-Of.

BSH Radio #378: When expectations meet their expirations

In which the gang mulls over the current reality of this hockey team.

So... What is this team?

Postgame 11/08

Flyperbole: This is not a party

Chickenman, Chickenman, rock a non-party like nobody can.

Flyperbole: Kneel before Nic

That’s a "Kneel before Zod" reference. You don’t actually have to kneel before Nic Deslauriers.

Another win? Just go with it, I guess...

Postgame 10/27: W, 4-3 vs. Panthers

Flyperbole: World Series Bound

I’m in the corner, watching you kiss her, oh oh oh...

Every party must end eventually

Postgame 10/19: L, 4-3 @ Panthers

Maybe the Flyers will never lose

Postgame 10/18: W, 3-2 @ Lightning

BSH Radio #376: We’re just doing fun

In which the gang talks through what the first two games tell us about this team.

Flyperbole: Well I guess that’s why they call it the boos

Back in Philly, we’re all about cheesesteaks and pleasure. And winning.

Morgan Frost Dazzles in NHL Debut

Postgame 10/13: W, 5-2 vs. Devils

BSH Radio #375: Prediction? PAIN!

In which the gang talks lineup and expectations.

Flyperbole: This guy pucks

What does "level of care" even mean?

BSH Radio #374: The last cut is the deepest

In which the gang puts a bow on the preseason.

Flyperbole: The Flyers Curve

At least the Phillies made the playoffs. Go Fightins! Said!

BSH Radio #373: Finally someone asks, who should be the Captain? 

In which there is actual hockey to talk about!

Flyperbole: No Coots for you

You’re pushing your luck little man.

BSH Radio #372: Well, he’ll give you minutes

In which the gang talks the latest ridiculous setback.

Flyperbole: Unhinged (The Podcast Song)

Major Concerns will not be as big of a hit as Major Dad. Sorry, Torts.

BSH Radio #371: Are we going too hard on this team?

In which the gang considers that the players might be on to something.

BSH Radio #370: What does success even look like?

In which the gang gets relatively existential about the word "positivity."

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