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BSH Radio

Flyperbole: Ice skating uphill

You’ve seen Blade, right? With Wesley Snipes? Oh, come on.

Flyperbole: Hello Chuck, Barry Trotz is unemployed

What would you fill the Stanley Cup with if you got a chance to drink from it?

Friday Morning Fly By: Playoffs are fun

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

BSH Radio #354: Break-up day breakdown

In which the gang kicks off the offseason, officially.

Flyperbole: Do you want to build a Frankenteam?

Or would it be Frankenteam’s monster?

Vacation, all we ever wanted

Postgame 4/29

Shutout with me, oh yeah, shutout with me tonight

Postgame 4/27

BSH Radio #353: MVP? Guess what it’s you 

In which the gang goes through the team awards.

And then there were two...

Postgame 4/25

Flyperbole: Trapped in a beard

You’re trapped in a beard of tremendous size, it distorts my vision, it closes my eyes

Morgan Frost scored?

Postgame 4/21

Friday Morning Fly By: Oh good, a win

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

BSH Radio #352: Mailbag Fun Times

In which the gang does their best to ignore the Flyers.

Poor Mike Yeo

Postgame 4/19

Flyperbole: What about Blob?

Just thinking about Gritty and Blob hanging out in front of a Wawa drinking iced teas.

BSH Radio #351: Catch the tank fever

In which the gang looks forward to the end of the season.

Can’t lose ‘em all...

Postgam 4/7

Flyperbole: Too Many Cooked

It takes a lot to make a stew...

BSH Radio #350: You’re up, coach

In which the gang thinks about a new bench boss.

So much for Corsi

Postgame 4/5

Perfect game

Postgame 4/2

Flyperbole: SLAP

What did the five fingers say to the face?

BSH Radio #349: Switching into offseason mode

In which the gang looks ahead now that the playoffs are officially out of the picture.

Only April remains

15 Games Left

Mile (High) Away

Postgame 3/25

Flyperbole: The Life and Times of Chuckie Two Trades

The Nextel walkie phone was a menace to society.

Please don’t start winning now

Postgame 3/24

Biggest win of the season

Postgame 3/22

BSH Radio #348: Trade deadline wrap-up 

In which the gang talks what happens now.

Flyperbole: Claude Giroux is no longer a Philadelphia Flyer

Has the player that the Flyers are going to draft with this 2024 first round pick even been born yet?

The Tippett Era Has Begun!

Postgame 3/20

BSH Radio #347: Ain’t nothin’ but a G thang

In which the gang reflects on game 1,000.


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