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BSH Radio

BSH Radio Special: Live from the Flyers Charities Carnival!

A truly fun time was had by all.

Flyperbole: The tale of the Three Wise Men

He Hayes Me.

Flyperbole: Our godforsaken season

Change you can be extremely skeptical in.

BSH Radio #395: Farewell to the boogedyman 

In which the gang goes on the record about the front office shakeup.

Flyperbole: There continues to be too many cooks

Too many cooks are gonna spoil the stew

BSH Radio Live: Trade Deadline 2023 Reactions

You have to figure out what Chucky does before he comes out here.

Flyperbole: Well? We’re waiting!

‘Twas the night before Trademas and all through the Center, not a creature was stirring, especially not Chuck Fletcher.

BSH Radio #393: The pre-deadline extravaganza! 

In which the gang goes through every one of the rumors.

Flyperbole: Mac McClung and Me

No one can defeat the SON OF ERS!!!

BSH Radio Special: A conversation with a Flyers season ticket holder

We wanted to hear directly from someone giving this team their money.

Flyperbole: 215s and Heartbreak


Flyperbole: The Tortorella Letters

We could build a cabin like that. Well, maybe not us ... but two men could.

BSH Radio #391: What would you say you do here? 

In which the gang talks correspondence.

Flyperbole: You’re Tearing Me Apart, Chuck!

300 wows and donkey sauces down and the road to Flavortown doesn’t have an end in sight.

BSH Radio #390: The Steph and Charlie Hour

A bye week bonus!

BSH Radio #389: Bit of personal news

The gang fills you all in on what is going on here.

Flyperbole: Reassemble the Ristolliance

There’s nothing like an X-Men VHS tape and a personal pan pizza.

Flyperbole: Pride and Provorov

Hockey should be for everyone.

BSH Radio #386: Was Chuck Fletcher right? LOL no

In which the gang... enjoys? the Flyers??

Flyperbole: A new rumor has appeared!

Give Poochinski a full series order, you cowards.

Hottest team in hockey

Postgame 01/05: W, 6-2 vs. Coyotes

Flyperbole: New Year’s Resolutions

Sorry, we were not at the Bojangles for the thing that time.

Flyperbole: Where there’s smoke, there’s Flyer

This is your brain. This is your brain on Hallmark Christmas movies. Any questions?

BSH Radio #384: These are the Hayes of our lives

In which the gang dives into the drama.

BSH Radio #383: You just can’t fix suck

In which the gang... tries.

Flyperbole: Hold me closer, tiny meatballs

I don’t want no Flyers hockey, had a busy day today.

BSH Radio #382: It’s Chuck’s reality and we’re all just suffering through it

In which the gang gets into some quotes.

Flyperbole: A.I. Artificial Idiot

The guys search for Meat Read.

BSH Radio #381: Pushing all the buttons

In which the gang dives into rumors and such.

MacEwen and Deslauriers ended the 10-game losing streak

BSH Postgame Podcast: W, 3-1 vs. Islanders

BSH Radio #380: No blocks but we’ve got some stones

Happy Thanksgiving, fam!

Flyperbole - Don’t Break My Hart

Love to eat turkey, like a good boy should.