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BSH Radio

Flyperbole: The French Mike Connection

I just need to go in my lucky spot...

It’s beginning to look a lot like last year...

Postgame 11/23

BSH Radio #332: The time has come

In which the gang examines ways to fix this mess.

Offense has Frostbite

Postgame 11/20

Who doesn’t LOVE the shootout?

Postgame 11/18

BSH Radio #331: No offense, but...

In which the gang is equal parts criticism and praise.

Everybody Loves Rasmus

Postgame 11/16

This is just getting ridiculous

Postgame 11/13

Flyperbole: The Drip Detail

Webster’s defines drip as...

BSH Radio #330: Respect the drip 

In which the gang evaluates the team through ten.

Flyperbole: Too much Mayo

As yet another computer-generated NHL player is revealed.

BSH Radio #329: Seven’s the key number here

In which the gang gets a little serious before getting a little goofy.

BSH Radio presents: A conversation with Paul Holmgren

He’s been a Flyer for a long time and has some great stories to tell.

BSH Radio #328: We want The Animal! 

In which the gang gets ready for the season’s first road trip.

Flyperbole: Do the Flyers have bones?

I feel soooo alooooone, gonna find out if the Flyers can stand on up on them bones


Hakstol Still Sucks

Broad Street Hockey interviews Alain Vigneault

We get to talk to the main man behind the bench.

Flyperbole: It’s almost time for Flyers hockey

Don’t give me hope...

BSH Radio #376: The preview extravaganza! 

In which the gang gazes into their respective crystal balls.

BSH Radio #325: An October Frost

In which the gang talks roster moves and preseason expectations.

Flyperbole: Whoomp, there it ain’t

Think I’ll have myself a beer...

Flyperbole: Say hello to your 2021-22 Flyers

Are you brave enough to join the Ristolliance?

BSH Radio #323: It’s like Andy Reid always says... 

In which the gang gets pumped about training camp.

BSH Radio #322: Get right back to where we started from

In which it’s a goal song extravaganza!

Flyperbole: Let’s talk goal songs

Also we remember the dank of the Spectrum. The dank, Moe, the dank!

Flyperbole: Who is up next for the Flyers Hall of Fame?

Besides Lou Nolan, of course

Flyperbole: A whole lotta Coots

How do you say "Let’s go Flyers" in Dothraki?

BSH Radio #321: Not the bees!! 

In which, this time, the Flyers sign the contract *during* the show.

BSH Radio #320: Oh hey, there’s Coots

In which the gang talks way too much about Derick Brassard

Flyperbole: No, ads on jerseys!

Works on contingency?

BSH Radio #319: We are not prepared

In which the gang talks contract futures.

Flyperbole: It was the summer of 99

There’s about 10 minutes of hockey talk in this one.


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