2018 NHL Draft Open Thread: What will the Flyers do on the first night of the draft?

A lot of things could happen.

The NHL draft is finally upon us! After weeks (or more) of poring through scouting reports, watching film, and trying to muster up strong opinions about 17- and 18-year old hockey players, it’s finally time for possibly theibly the biggest night of the hockey calendar as the first 31 picks of the draft will be made.

As we write this paragraph, the Flyers have two first-round picks, slated at 14th overall (courtesy of last year’s Brayden Schenn trade with the St. Louis Blues) and 19th overall. If you can’t make our draft party at Tavern on Broad (it’s happening right now!), feel free to use this space to chat amongst yourselves in the comments as the night goes on. Will the Flyers make both picks? Will there be any trades? Will someone do something stupid? We can only hope!